How can I disable the inline RibbonButton?

Is it possible to set excel 2010 embedded in RibbonButton to enabled = false from excel VSTO Add-In?

I tried the following:

CommandBarControls controlls=Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.CommandBars.FindControls(MsoControlType.msoControlButton, 7374, null, false);
/// 7374 is the office control id of the control I want to access

foreach (CommandBarControl control in controlls)
    control.Enabled = false;


But this only seems to work for the right click context menu. And not for ribbon buttons.


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You can turn off tabs rather than controls if you are not using the startFromScratch

Ribbon UI attribute . See MSDN for help .

Also see the XML Ribbon FAQ for good resources when handling Excel Ribbon.



Not sure if this will help you, but for a custom feed, you implement the callback getEnabled

using XML feed.


<button id="btnMyButton" ... getEnabled="OnMyButton_GetEnabled" onAction="..."/>


In code:

public bool OnMyButton_GetEnabled(Office.IRibbonControl rControl)
  // return true or false to enable or disable 


You need to call the method IRibbonUI.Invalidate()

if you need to force these callbacks to be called (for example, when your on / off state variables are set due to some other event).

Btw, the Designer Ribbon interface (as of VS 2010) doesn't seem to provide a way to implement a callback getEnabled




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