Moving to Android from a .NET background - terminological analogues

I am migrating to Android from .NET. Can anyone give me a yes / no answer for all these items in the list?

  • The intent is similar to a Win32 message, which can be translated into all active "actions" (WPARAM and LPARAM message code in Win32), but the activity records which intents they are interested in.

  • Activity is not an independent flow. All actions contained in an application, no matter how many there are, are in one process, right? If not, can you explain?

  • If I call startActivity (), it means the current activity is paused and no code is executing in it, right? Until the Back button is pressed, that is, when the suspended activity pops off the stack "again". Or is the operation unloaded and then recreated?

  • startActivityWithResultCode maintains the parent activity until the child activity ends. Could you say that actions that work this way are in some way similar to ASP.NET (.aspx) pages "using Response.Redirect or Server.Transfer?

Thank you for your help.


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I will try to answer these questions, although I have limited my knowledge of .net.

  • Yes, although, by default, actions are logged in all intent calls from the same application that uses their direct class name.
  • Yes for that again. Actions are performed in the same process if they belong to the same application.
  • When called, the startActivity

    activity is paused, however the onlt UI thread is suspended, all other threads may or may not need to be explicitly interrupted. If the OS requires memory, the activity may end up in a Stop state or even be destroyed, but when the Back button is pressed, it will restart if it is destroyed.
  • Ditto for startActivityForResults()

    , however, the calling activity is usually not destroyed. Sorry, I don't know about ASP.Net pages.


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