Why aren't my pending changes showing up in the RTC?

Scenario: I just connected to a thread and created a new repository workspace. I downloaded two of its components and modified some code. If I open the pending change view, I do not see any pending changes there (and my "show full view" is selected, so I should see both incoming, outgoing, and paused changesets).

My files are saved and I can see obviously changes in files, but pending changes are not showing up in pending changes.


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For your changes to appear in the Pending Changes, you need to:

  • update your batch explorer (i.e. the view associated with Eclipse)
  • or click the little arrow next to the Update button on the Pending Changes screen and select:
    • Refresh sandbox and remote changes.
    • or "Refresh Sandbox"

refresh sandbox

(I prefer the second method because it allows me to choose which part of the potentially huge sandbox I need to update)



I tried @ VonC's suggestions which were helpful to my understanding but didn't work for me.

For my changes to appear in the Pending Changes view, I had to right-click on the thread in the Team Artifacts view, log out, and then log back in.



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