How can I repeat a ray frame with Org-mode?

With frames, Beamer can be repeated by marking the frame to be repeated, for example



and then using \againframe{framelabel}

at the point where this frame should be repeated.

How can this method be used with the Org-mode Beamer export? Obviously, the label can be added by placing it in BEAMER_envargs

, for example:

* Org-mode section
:BEAMER_envargs: [label=questions]


But there are two problems when used \againframe

through Org-mode:

  • \againframe

    fits badly if placed in the Org mode section and if placed directly in the Org mode section. The problem is that in the first case it is what is inside the frame when it should be placed in between. In the latter case, the problem is that it fits inside \frametitle

  • \againframe

    either swallowed by Org-mode sections or marked as one. Both are poor logical representations of its function.

So, is there an efficient way to use it \againframe

with Beamer, or is there another way to repeat the frames with Org-mode that I missed?

I've already looked at trying to solve this problem.

I am running Org-mode 7.6 in Emacs 23.3.1 and I am using Beamer 3.13.


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I don't think this is possible at this time. The limitation lies in the tree structure of the org. As I understand from your question, the team \againframe{...}

basically repeats the slide as it is. In org terms, this means that the original tree used to create the slide is repeated. Since the org document format does not allow you to have any content that is not part of the tree (other than the frontmatter / header at the top of the file), I believe this is not possible. This has been discussed several times on the mailing list, from what I understand there are no plans to implement anything like this.



The current org mode has support for re-shot. Just create a frame and add a ray parameter BEAMER_env = againframe

in the appropriate section. Or use C-c C-b a

to paste it if you have initialized ray mode in org-startup.

More details can be found in the documentation in org mode .

An example is available in the original syntax clause :

* section
** My frame title                     :B_frame:
:BEAMER_env: frame

Some text. Some text.  Some text. Some text.
Some text. Some text.  Some text. Some text.

** section                                         :B_againframe:
  :BEAMER_env: againframe
  :BEAMER_act: 2
  :BEAMER_ref: *My frame title

  This section will create "\againframe<2>{sec-1-2}".

** Following frame




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