Customize the display of the git commit message to create a link to track issues

The only thing I liked about not hating SVN is that my GUI (Cornerstone) can be configured to recognize error codes in commit messages and provide a link to open the URL for the corresponding issue.

Is there a way to do this for git, either by changing the display of the git log, by configuring gitx or gitk, or using a different gui? I would have preferred a method that accomplished the above using the command line, but doubt if it is possible.

I suppose a viable solution would be to just write a simple bash script that allows me to type jira 332 to open issue 332 in the browser, but such a solution would not leave my curiosity about the matter :)


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This is currently not available in gitk bug, this is a quick patch that should get things to move correctly: gitk patch for bug references

The patch is not customizable - just hack the correct regex to extract a suitable link id and compose it as a url. Fortunately, we can co-opt git web--browse

as a cross-platform browser.



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