Mercurial - grafting changesets from different branches (using TortoiseHg)

I am maintaining a project with two heads that are pretty much alike, so I thought it might be possible to just transplant the changeset from one branch to another. But sometimes it fails because the code to change is on a different line and I end up with a .rej file.

What are my options from now on?

Is there any visual interface that can help me fix this - for example when resolving a merge?

May I say to transplant

ignore line numbers?


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Mercurial 2.0 introduced the Graft command .

As explained in the following SO answer: Graft vs. Transplant , Graft uses a built-in 3D merge engine instead of patching, so it can better deal with the problems you describe. You can also take a look at this question: mercurial: how to select a cherry during a merge .



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