Unable to deploy Maven WAR project for JBoss: selection did not contain resources that can be run on server

I am using JBoss 7.1 AS, Eclipse Indigo, Maven 3.0.3 on Mac OSX Lion. I have successfully registered JBoss 7.1 as a local server in Eclipse. I installed JBoss tools for Eclipse, right clicked on my Maven project, selected "Mark as deployable", but then the problem occurs. When I right click on "Run As" → "Run on Server" I get the error

 The selection did not contain any resources that can be run on a server


Any ideas what additional steps I should take to deploy this bad boy? Let me know what other information I have to provide.


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This happens to me sometimes when I deal with Maven projects too.

Try the following: In Package Explorer, right click on the pom.xml project, then use Maven> Update project. After that you have to click on the menu "Project> Clean ...".

Now try adding / removing again.

By the way, you don't need to mark the entire project as deployable under normal circumstances.



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