3D CAD Models with OpenGL-ES

I am working on importing a 3D CAD model into an iOS app, but they have a hard time finding where this limitation is when talking about the number of vertices and surfaces.

I have a model that has:

  • surface: 41525
  • Vertices: 21504

Basically there is no limit, but it actually took 2 hours to load it into my iOS app.

I couldn't find a good way to shrink this model without damaging too much, so I hated to hear how that was possible.

I have a model in AC3D and STEP format.

I tried to reduce the polygons via AC3D but in the end it looks disastrous.


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There is no formal limit, and the bandwidth you actually get will depend on how intelligently you can choose what to paint, what surface effects you want to apply, etc.

That said, looking at the STEP file shows that it is pure ASCII code to exchange. Two hours is so overwhelming that it suggests some pretty serious performance issues beyond the scope of analysis, but you should definitely consider at least tokenizing a file before including it in your application.

OBJ is another ASCII format and I found that simply tokenizing a file on a Mac and then loading the tokenized version in the app reduces the load of the 20s model to less than 1s. Switch to binary with no OBJ compatibility claims (so I could, in particular, prefix, reduce load times).



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