Building FFmpeg on RHEL4

StackOverflow hasn't let me down yet, so don't let me down this time!

I need to build FFmpeg on RHEL4 ... yes, 4!

The make

RHEL4 version is equal 3.80

, and the Makefile that is ./configure

generated when configuring FFmpeg does not seem to be compatible. When I do make

, it throws a parsing error every time.

This happens in almost all pkg programs I try to create.

My app group (at work) won't update this PC, so please skip the suggestions to upgrade to RHEL5 or 6.

What are my options for installing FFmpeg?


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Your question states that doing a proper update (i.e. updating the system's GNU Make package) is out of the question. However, since you have privileges to the system C compiler, I recommend that you create GNU Make 3.82 (the latest and greatest) and install it in your home directory for personal use.

The software is located at:

Unpack it, configure, build and install:

./configure --prefix=$HOME
make install


Note that the last step is not prefixed with 'sudo'. This will install 'make' as ~ / bin / make. After configuring FFmpeg, call '~ / bin / make` and everything should work fine.

I just experienced it myself.



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