How do I view multiline output in emacs?

I am using GNU Emacs 22.2.1. I usually use a different editor but am learning lisp, so I thought there would be no better editor to use than emacs. My program outputs multiple lines of text, but I can only see the last line because the output area only has one line.

I googled and it wasted about 30 minutes so I figured I'd ask. So far I've tried Cx ^

in a minibuffer that increments it one line and then shrinks to one when I return to my main buffer.


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What is "my program", is it emacs-Lisp defun?

Assuming it does, should you call it message

multiple times? The minibuffer is for temporary exit only. This way you can concatenate all your output lines and call message

once at the end, or create a temporary buffer to represent the output.

There is also a "Messages" buffer, which contains a log of the minibuffer outputs. C-x b"* Messages *"



If you are playing with Elisp and want to see their output in full buffer, you might like it M-x ielm




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