Is there a way to automate the assembly of HTML help files?

I'm working on writing an assembly script for an installer for this: .

The installation package includes help in .chm format. I can manually compile using the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop, but after reading the documentation it looks like there is no, say, command line compilation. I did a quick google search (and search here) and couldn't find an exact solution (or one that would NOT cost money).

If I need to call the constructor to do it manually, it doesn't really matter, but it really turned the whole idea of ​​auto-generating a script upside down.

The crux of the question is: is there a tool like the Microsoft HTML Help Wizard that can be integrated as part of the automated build process?


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I'm not entirely sure what I was doing wrong before, but the hhc.exe file is actually a compiler and I got it from the command line. I must have messed up the command before. :(

For reference: hhc.exe PATH\TO\HELP\PROJECT\project.hhp



You can create it in Visual Studio.



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