.net FIFO "Queue" combined with the last known topic

Look for any existing FIFO queue that also handles theme-based overrides as mentioned below.

 struct QueueItem { string Topic; .... other data }


if the queue has items added in order

q.Add( new QueueItem() { topic = A, ... } ); //1
q.Add( new QueueItem() { topic = B, ... } ); //2
q.Add( new QueueItem() { topic = C, ... } ); //3
q.Add( new QueueItem() { topic = A, ... } ); //4
q.Add( new QueueItem() { topic = B, ... } ); //5


When searching, the order should be # 4 Topic A - skipping # 1 # 5 Topic B - skipping # 2 # 3 Topic C

and etc.

NOTE. The order in which elements / themes are added / processed is important given the above rule

I wonder if this is a known scenario and there may be a pre-existing implementation already


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What you are looking for is a priority queue. Your requirement is slightly different in that it uses letters instead of integers instead of precedence, but the concept is the same. See. Replies priority queues, C # and foremost priorities in .Net



For a successful implementation of safe thread-safe validation, check out the ConcurrentQueue <T> built into the framework since v4.

Having said that, the behavior you are asking for is not strictly a queue, it is rather a list where Add () is overridden to add or replace an equivalent existing element. So the question remains: do you want a FIFO queue or add / replace list?



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