Heroku No such account error

To get started: I can log into hero with my email and password.

When logging into heroku through my terminal using the same email and password credentials, I get the following error.

heroku login
Email: myemail@email.com
No such account: myemail@email.com



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check [Project Root]/.git/config

there are some settings heroku accounts specific


    account = <account name>


you can delete those two lines and then try to login again Just save what you delete :)



Try deleting your existing credentials rm -rf ~/.heroku/plugins/heroku-accounts

and heroku login

enter your credentials



Try to make sure you have the most recent version of your hero / toolbelt installed.



Check .git/config

for remotes references such as "git @ heroku.account" and remove them.

Also, check the ~/.ssh/config

link to that account and take it out.

Then reinstall auth heroku auth:logout

and heroku auth:login

and possibly heroku keys:add

so that everything is restored.



I think the problem is a conflict between Heroku toolbox and Heroku gem. I also had the same problem. Read this article to solve it - http://bit.ly/1sku20D



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