Using execlp system call with shell metacharacters in arguments in C

Program: List all C files in the current folder using a execlp()

system call:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>

int main()
    printf("Before Execl\n");
    execlp("ls","ls","*.c",NULL); // this should print all c files in the current folder.
    return 0;


Program output:

Before Execl
ls: cannot access *.c: No such file or directory


Whenever I use ' *

' in the search pattern, I get a similar error. Please suggest a suitable solution.


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If you want the shell metacharacters to be expanded, call the shell to expand them, like this:

execlp("sh", "sh", "-c", "ls *.c", (char *)0);
fprintf(stderr, "Failed to exec /bin/sh (%d %s)\n", errno, strerror(errno));


Note that if execl()

or any of the returned functions exec*

failed. You don't need to check your status; it failed. Then you shouldn't be doing exit(0);

(or return 0;

in a function main()

) as this indicates success. It is polite to include an error message stating what went wrong and the message should be recorded in stderr

, not stdout

- as shown.

You can expand the metacharacter yourself; the POSIX library has functions to help (for example glob()

). But it's a whole bunch of easier ways to let the shell do it.

(I revisited the code above to use execlp()

to fit the requirements of the question. If I were to do this without restriction, I would probably use execl()

and specify "/bin/sh"

as the first argument instead.)



Exec does not process the " *

" operator because the shell does it for you. To do this, use popen()

or glob_t

. You can get more details on a similar question I asked on 2012-03-08.



Should there be:

   execlp("ls", "*.c", NULL);




execlp("ls", "*.c", NULL);


must work



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