Crystal Reports - suppress the title in the main report when there is a sub-report

Good afternoon everyone.

I am running Crystal Reports 9.

I have a report containing a list of records and then an additional report containing only a graph. I would like to suppress the main report page title, for the page that shows the sub-report (graph).

I can't seem to come up with a formula to check if there is a graph / sub-report to suppress the page title in the main report with.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Hopefully the subtitle / graphic has its own section?

  • Insert new formula in the first section of the report (report title a): global booleanvar no_header := false;

  • Insert a new section just above the subreport section with an effective height of 0.
  • Insert a new formula in this section: global booleanvar no_header := true;

  • Paste the new formula into the subreport section: global booleanvar no_header := false;

  • In the formula for conditional page title suppression, enter the formula: global booleanvar no_header;

You may need to prefix all of these formulas with whileprintingrecords;

And you might have to tweak my proposal a bit, but hopefully you get the idea?



In the "Expert" section, place this as the formula for "Suppress (no tree breakdown)" under the page title you want to hide:

global booleanvar no_header;


Then, in the footer section that your subcase was embedded in, place this formula for "Underlining the following sections":

global booleanvar no_header:= true


This way it will hide the page title that you do not want to appear when you run the auxiliary report.

Hope this helps ... :)



I suggest:

  • setting up a formula (called something like ChartPage

    ) to determine which page the sub-register will be displayed on.
  • conditionally suppresses the PageHeader section with the formula: PageNumber={@ChartPage}



Step 1:

Create a formula fPh

(just to define the "formula title"), but you can give any name.

next({Command.PolicyID}) //which is any existing field from Main report


Save and exit.

Step 2:

Go to the "Report" section, then "Section Expert" and select "Page Title".

Click the formula button X-2next to Suppress in the General tab and enter below

PageNumber > 1 and isnull({@fPh})


Save it and you DONE ... Enjoy



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