How to configure mail server settings in JasperReports Server 4.0.0

I am using JasperReports Server 4.0.0 and I want how to configure mail server settings to send reports on scheduled reports.

How can i do this? Does anyone know this?


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Yahoo settings:

Yahoo! Mail SMTP server address:
Yahoo! Mail SMTP user name: full email address (including "")
Yahoo! Mail SMTP password: Your Yahoo! Mail password
Yahoo! Mail SMTP port: 25


So this would be:

# This file is now just a pass-through for stuff in the 
# file referenced by the Maven file.



report.scheduler.mail.sender.username= Your full Yahoo! Mail email address (including "")
report.scheduler.mail.sender.password= Your Yahoo! Mail password
report.scheduler.mail.sender.from=Your Full Yahoo Email




You must edit the config file . <app-server>/<deployment>/WEB-INF/

Quote from JasperReports Server Community Project Installation Guide

(6.4.1 Mail Server Configuration Settings).

  • - the name of the computer hosting the mail server
  • report.scheduler.mail.sender.username . The username on the mail server that the JasperReports server can use.
  • report.scheduler.mail.sender.password - mail server user password
  • report.scheduler.mail.sender.from . Address displayed in the From field in email notifications
  • report.scheduler.mail.sender.protocol is the protocol used by the mail server. JasperReports server only supports SMTP. Note. Your entry must be lowercase. For example: smtp
  • report.scheduler.mail.sender.port - port number used by the mail server. For SMTP, the default is usually 25 (values ​​other than 25 may not work prior to JasperServer)


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