Perforce p4v to share the same changelog

I have 2 p4vs configured on Windows and Linux. I was wondering if I could change the code on Windows to create a pending changelog (this changelog applies to p4_windows_client

). Then switch to Linux which opens another one p4_linux_client

to merge the pending Windows changelog to build the project on Linux. The reason for the presence of 2 different clients { p4_windows_client

, p4_linux_client

} is due to the fact that the path of the root folder, as one, is similar to the C:\p4clientRoot

other - /home/p4client-root

. I was wondering if this is possible?

I tested it, it looks like when creating a pending changelog, the server will receive this new changelog with only basic information like change number, description, checked files. But it does not include changes to the code generated in the Windows window. As such, I feel like it is unlikely to push changes to Linux that way.


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You cannot change the owner of the changelog in the changelog, however you can discard the changelog from the first workspace and then delete it in the second workspace .

For more information check the Command Perforce Guide p4 shelve

and p4 unshelve




The best way to do dual development on windows and linux is to make 1 workspace and use the "alt roots" line in your workspace. I am making both machines for Windows and the Linux computer is accessing the same file / disk. If it is dual boot, make a fat32 partition so that both OS can access the same drive if they are two separate machines, create a network share on the computer you use most often, or on some networked computer. Then create root and alt roots pointing to the same folder / share.

You also need to make sure that you remove the workspace Host line so that it can be used in both places.

Now you can check, edit, switch machines and send to another computer.



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