Undefined method `new 'for test: module

Hello I have a namespace conflict issue. I have a model: Test and controller TestsController. server displays error

undefined method `new' for Test:Module


I read this question rail models

added to Test model in UserTest module

module UserTest
  class Test < ActiveRecord::Base


and added to controller

class TestsController < ApplicationController

  def new
    @test = UserTest::Test.new
    @title = "New test"


server shows error: uninitialized constant TestsController::UserTest

after reading more i realized that i probably need to add request or enable controller. Only I don't understand how to do it. please tell me.


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The convention in Rails is to convert your class name to a file and your module name to a directory. Therefore, if you put your UserTest :: Test class in the test.rb file in your application / model directory, autoloading will fail to retrieve your class. Because searching in the file app/model/user_test/test.rb


So, you can "force" the demand in your controller by adding the demand to the beginning of your file. Requirement if you put your class in your test.rb:require 'test.rb'

To see how to determine your requirement, consider that your application's LOAD_PATH adds a directory app/model

. So everything inside can be added directly, requiring a directory name and a file name.



Never rename a model to the same project name. The following message appears:

undefined method `new' for Example:Module


The priority of the project unit precedes the call.



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