One cache for all "objects" or one cache for each type? - web application with cache (guava)

I am creating a web application that displays static data from the back. The data is of different types. to free up the back I have implemented a one-type cache with guava cache. now I need a cache for a different type and the question is whether to implement a cache for that type or generalize an existing cache to handle "objects" (as far as I know I could give different types of different weights, right?). the advantage of different caches is that I can configure it separately - maybe disable one cache ?!

but I realize that by using separate caches, I will lose some of the nasty cache controls that google generates ?!

What do you think about this?


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Go ahead, use multiple caches. There's no "disgusting google cache management stuff" there, as you'll see if you've looked at the source code.



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