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What is the best strategy for selecting mongodb records where the string value contains a set of words or phrases? I am thinking of something equivalent to the mysql LIKE function, eg.

    WHERE (TEXT LIKE "% apple %") or (TEXT LIKE "% banana %")


I've seen options that involve tokenizing a string, but does this involve creating unigrams for the whole text, which would be huge?


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MongoDB doesn't have full text search capability right now, but it's easy to use external search engines like SOLR.

I strongly discourage you from trying to rearrange your text search with a regex or a phrase, etc. yourself. You should focus on your own application functions :)

I am using this combination: Mongoid , Sunspot and Mongoid-Sunspot . It works very well in production and development setup is easy.



Mongo now supports text search since 2.4. My experience has been pretty positive.

You start the server with text search enabled setParameter Then enable the index on the collection Then search with runCommand



You can leverage regex support in MongoDB queries. More information is available at the following link

Here are two examples where the above link will navigate in the future:

db.collection.find( { field: /acme.*corp/i } );
db.collection.find( { field: { $regex: 'acme.*corp', $options: 'i' } } );




Somehow MongoDB's embedded text search didn't fit my requirements for an existing database that used a composite index. Now I am using mongoose-search-plugin and it works great. It uses natural stems and distance algorithms to return a relevance score.'Malaysia Car Food',{username:1},{},  function(err, u){
   console.log('Search Results: '+JSON.stringify(u));




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