Does Eclipse IDE + have graphical plugins for Openlaszlo?

I intend to customize Openmeetings and I am wondering if a graphics editor is available for Openlaszlo.

There was apparently a plugin called IDE4Lazlo mentioned in both IBM and, but both links are dead. If the plugin is definitely pulling, then is there a way to at least view the layouts?


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IDE4Laszlo is on an old IBM project that has not been supported for a long time (since 2005/2006). Laszlo worked on an Eclipse-based plugin in 2008, which unfortunately hasn't been released.

Spket works, but compared to IDEs like Flash Builder, the functionality is relatively limited as the IDE is unable to scan application files to recognize new classes and methods.

An option is to use an XSD-enabled XML editor. Sebastian Wagner of OpenMeetings created an assembly script that generates an XSD schema file from OpenLaszlo classes and custom classes in your application. The source code can be found here:



There are two Eclipse IDE plugins that support OpenLaszlo, IDE4Laszlo and the later Spket .



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