Password hashing using salt

I am creating a hashed password value with salt. My code:

  `String psw="hello";  
   String tobehashed="";
   MessageDigest md = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA-256");
   byte[] digest = md.digest(tobehashed.getBytes());


I gave salt by providing the seed as the current time in milliseconds, I have no problem with the salt (I get random values), but regardless of the salt I get the same hash value.

Actually the purpose of the salt is to get different hash values. This is my conclusion;      Random nubr:-2098016229(this keeps changing) Digest:[B@ca0b6(this remains same)

Waht is the solution?


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You are printing a result digest.toString()

which, in the case of a byte array, does not convert the bytes to a meaningful result. It just prints [B

(which is the code for the byte array) @

and then the hex address. You will see this result often as you get more Java experience.

You will need to use a loop to iterate the bytes in the digest and print them out individually.



B @ ca0b6 is not the contents of a byte array, it is a toString () representation. Iterate the bytes of the array and print them separately.



If you print any reference variable, then the function System.out.println()

executes a function toString()

that comes from the object class. the output toString()

shows through printf()

. Returns the HaxCode of your ref object by
default toString()

 If you want to change it, you need to override it toString()

in the appropriateclass.



just prints the hex address. So you have to use Iterate for the bytes of the array and print them individually ...



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