Recognize repetitive patterns of mouse movement behavior using OpenCV

I have a situation where I collected mouse movement points from a website. I have a series of (x, y) points and I need to detect various repetitive mouse movement patterns from this data. For example, the mouse moves very slowly, the mouse moves very quickly in the direction and then stops for a while, the mouse scrolls, etc. I need to discover such patterns from my data.

Is there a way to do this using OpenCV ... or perhaps another library?

PS Please keep in mind that I am new to this kind of thing.

Thanks in advance!


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While OpenCV does have good data mining and machine learning algorithms, it is indeed a computer vision oriented library (thus the name of CV). It looks like you have already done data collection and now you want to perform so called data mining .

Data mining tools contain many more tools and algorithms for this type of analysis than OpenCV, so I would point to them. Good open source toolkits to get started are Weka Sourceforge and Weka Home . It is written in Java, so it will work in almost anything. Here is the manual for Weka 3.6.0. There is also a good book to help you get started using Weka here .

Since you are a beginner, understand that the learning curve for data mining may seem a little steep at first, but just take it slowly. Maybe as a first project, just try to group the different (x, y), then use some Weka rendering tools to see where users place the mouse on the screen.

Once you're comfortable enough with basic clustering, come back with more questions. Also, Cross Validated (a stackexchange site dedicated to statistics and data mining), you will need to direct future questions on this matter.

We hope you find this information useful!



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