Which is better than Android or QT?

I am developing an embedded device that includes plotting. The graph should also be extrapolated to some STC conditions. But for designing its interface, I am confused to use that GUI development tool - Qt or Android.

Because UI development also involves plotting and extrapolating plots besides just navigating the menu and screen.

What's the best choice in this situation?


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While the question sounds odd (Android is the OS, Qt is the infrastructure associated with Nokia Symbian / Meego devices, and to many, about as far from the Android ecosystem as you can get!), It is still a valid question. assuming the comparison between Android Framework and Qt Framework works on an Android device.

Qt is cross platform, and there is an Android port called Necessitas .

I don't have much experience with Necessitas, but it looks very impressive. I was able to compile and run an existing Qt project using a customized version of Qt Creator without any code changes, which was a pleasant surprise, but I haven't experimented with anything more proactive.

I would argue that Qt might be a viable option for enterprises already invested in Qt / C ++ without a lot of Java / Android expertise as long as it meets all of the project-specific requirements.

Before diving in, I would recommend spending some time on Necessitas, perhaps developing a simple prototype to make sure it is stable enough to support all your requirements. The main issue is whether it supports the level of integration with the Android system you want, whether it supports the Android OS version etc. Etc.



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