AppStore Backup Name - Time Limit for Using iPhone Appplace

This is basically a follow-up to this question: Can I create an iPhone app for taking notes?

Unfortunately, the questionnaire of the above was only interested in whether it could get a placeholder app in the AppStore.

What I would like to know:

  • Assuming my stub app is rejected, how long do I have until Apple deletes my view and revokes the name?
  • My placeholder app's approval is approved (say I have a video and a website in it, Apple somehow agrees with the submission), how long can I hold on to the "Waiting for Developer ..." app? Obviously, I wouldn't want to actually distribute the placeholder in the AppStore and destroy the brand.

Does anyone have any experience?

In my opinion, it would be all too easy to get around Apple's 120-day limit if you could just send in some random placeholder with the intent to reject it, just so you can reserve the name indefinitely. It would also be all too easy to imagine an app with minimal functionality that actually got approval but didn't change it to "Ready-For-Sale" until you can resubmit the actual app. But I don't know for sure :-)

EDIT You can of course also see this question without the context of the name reservation. I've always wondered how long you need to fix when it was rejected.


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My experience:

If you don't submit an app 90 days after receiving the name, Apple will start sending you warning messages.

I have left an approved app waiting for a developer release for more than one month. I received some kind of warning or email reminder after about 30 days and ended up issuing it.

I have an app that got rejected in a review that's been sitting on iTunes Connect for over a year with no status change.

I have an app that I removed from sale over a year ago, again with no visible status changes.

Please note that the developer experience does not show any precedents. Apple sometimes changes its agreements and guidelines and continually updates their interpretation of the rules.



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