How do I change the taskbar icon using XIconifyWindow?

I am programming in Linux and using X11 for my desktop. I would like to change the images of a minimized window in the taskbar.

I am using Fluxbox.

I am currently using XIconifyWindow when the user clicks to minimize the window.

How can I control the little square icon on the taskbar when the user has minimized it?


Thank you for your help. The code I'm using to minify looks something like this:

void minWin(Window window, bool yes) const
    XIconifyWindow(display, window, DefaultScreen(display));
    XMapWindow(display, window);


So how would I put some code to set an icon based on some property?


if myProp == "green" set green icon
       else set red icon



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use the _ NET_WM_ICON top-level window property



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