Facebook Chat app using XMPP, Spark or SparkWeb java

I am trying to make a facebook chat application for my site using facebook XMPP, Spark or SparkWeb and java. im not sure how to get started for it. I am making a facebook application in php and have no idea how to authenticate users in my application. please help me on this topic. give a link or link so I can make this application.

Thanks in Advance.


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Ignite Realtime (Spark developer) provides a library called SmackAPI. You can use it to implement your own client and integrate it into your site.


To use Facebook XMPP Chat, you need to know some information:

Username: myfacebookuser@chat.facebook.com
Password: myfacebookpassword




You need to extend Smack SASLMechanism

to implement Facebook's authentication mechanism. BTW, Spark (you mentioned) is an XMPP client that uses the Smack library.



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