Error: import file not found or unreadable: compass. in rails 3.1

I am given a rails project to set up. I am using UBUNTU Rails 3.1 Ruby 1.9.2

I ran into the error below:

 File to import not found or unreadable: compass.
 Load path: 


(in / Project / app / assets / stylesheets / blueprint.sass)

I found in blueprint.sass

, below code is written

@import 'compass'
@import "compass/reset"
@import "compass/layout/sticky-footer"
@import '_blueprint'
@include blueprint


But there is stylesheet

no compass folder in the folder in rails. I installed gem compass


I have been trying to solve this problem until I succeed, but could not succeed: S? What should I do to make this work.


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Use the compass gem instead of the compass gem by following the compass update instructions on github to follow the correct steps!



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