How to pass data between activities using static variables in a public class?

I am trying to use static variables in a public class to pass them between activities.

I'm having a rare problem. I am giving values ​​to static variables in an activity. This activity calls GLSurfaceView and listens for screen orientation changes.

If I give values ​​to static variables in GLSurfaceView then everything works fine, the values ​​are saved and I can restore them when the onCreate method is called again after changing the screen orientation.

The problem is that I am storing values ​​for static variables outside of the GLSurfaceView class inside the onTouchListener methods. These values ​​are not stored properly in static variables, because when I try to access them in the GLSurfaceView, these values ​​are not what they were suppressed.

This is my static variable class:

public class MagazineStatus {
//clase utilizada para almacenar variables estáticas.   
static int currentPage=1; //página actual   
//Valores originales cuando pasamos de un modo a otro, por ejemplo, de portrait a landscape.
static float oScale=0.0f;
static float oX=0.0f;
static float oY=0.0f;
static float oZrot=0;   
static boolean modeChanged=false; //indica si hemos cambiado de modo 


This is where I store the values ​​in my activity class (I did debug and apparently they are stored correctly):

        for (int i=0;i<thumbnailLinearLayouts.size();i++){
        final int auxIndex=i;
        thumbnailLinearLayouts.get(i).setOnTouchListener(new OnTouchListener(){
            public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {

                System.out.println("MagazineStatus.currentPage: "+MagazineStatus.currentPage);
                return true;


And here I am trying to get these values ​​in the GLSurfaceView class and the values ​​are wrong, it returns the original initial value 1 instead of the value saved earlier.

currentPage=MagazineStatus.currentPage;     //cargo datos guardados antes del cambio de orientación


What am I doing wrong?


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If Android kills and restarts the process for your application, then the static variables will be bound to their default values. You might be better off using SharedPreferences

static variables instead:



define a variable as public static and then use it throughout the entire application,


public static String xyz = "abcd";


now in any class to use "xyz" just use it like under;




Second activity : -

In xml file select one text box

Java code

public static String name;

TextView t=(TextView)findViewById(;



First Activity : -

in xml file take one editor and one button

Java code

button.setOnClickListener(new View.onClickListener){

    public void onClick(View v){;

    Intent i=new Intent(firstActivity.this,SecondActivity.class);






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