Embed interactive google map in email

Is it possible to embed an interactive google map in an email?

I know this is possible with static maps, but I'm starting to wonder if this is possible with interactive ones.


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I don't even know if the map uses Javascript, Flash, Java, HTML5, or something else, but I can still say no with confidence.

There's almost no way for the recipient's email client to support it.

You may come across some email clients (most likely web links) that have not blocked such content, but this will almost certainly be controlled by them. No decent email software will support it because the technologies associated with it are either complex or pose a security threat to the end user.

And even if some of the newer email clients provided support for it in some way, you need to consider that many people have older email clients. It used to be said that you should design emails like 1999 .

The best you can do is include a link in your post to the posted map.



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