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I am trying to use the Google Places API for a business locator app, but I am having a hard time building a comprehensive business database.

1. API call returns only 20 results. The "type" constraint (for example, type = restaurant) does not match all establishments by type in the given zip code. I could use "keyword", but not all restaurants have a restaurant in their name, and not all resorts have a "spa" in their name. 3. Each call produces the same set of results day after day, and only 20 returns per call, how do I get a more complete business database?

I can try to get around the above three limitations by going through a very degraded business search: say by zip code, some keyword list, category type. But I still won't be close to collecting 50 million or so companies in google places.

In fact, even when I call restaurants and bars in my area, I am not picking up popular places a block away from me.

How can the API be used for an application that finds locations? Any suggestions on how to create a more comprehensive search?

Thanks, Nad


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I cannot answer your question regarding the Google Places API.

But for your requirements ("business locator app", "I don't collect popular places in the block from me"), I suggest you try the Yelp search API :

The Yelp API program allows you to access trusted Yelp information in real time, such as listing company information, overall business score and number of views, deals, and recent review excerpts.

Yelp is a popular review website with a compatible API and you can check the quality of the database and target user base they have on the Yelp homepage .


  • They keep some data for themselves and don't return everything in response.
  • The free dev account has a limit of 100 calls per day.


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