EF 4.3.1 - code first automatic migrations - how to specify column width

I am trying to find examples or documentation related to DbMigration and ColumnModel. I just want to specify the row width in DBMigration Up method For example.

AddColumn("Districts", "Code", c => c.String());


will create nvarchar (max) - and I want to specify maxlength (20) for example. Is it integrated with EntityTypeConfiguration or should I add manually as well

this.Property(t => t.Name).HasColumnName("Code").IsRequired().HasMaxLength(20);


The MSDN Help does not provide any examples and the step-by-step tutorial on the ef4 blog only covers the basics


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If you are using AddColumn

directly, you can simply use:

AddColumn("Districts", "Code", c => c.String(maxLength: 20));


If you define a maximum length in EntityTypeConfiguration

(this is the correct approach), EF Migration will handle it for you.



Column configuration should be done as data annotations. To make a column row have a specific width, use StringLengthAttribute


[Required] // Makes column not null
[StringLength(20)] // Makes it a nvarchar(20) instead of nvarchar(max)
public string SomeString {get;set;}




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