Vim UTF-8 encoding error on Windows

I have a text file with Polish symbols. Until I install :set encoding=utf-8

, the characters are not displayed correctly. Once I set it to Unicode, the characters are displayed, but the umlauts in error messages in Vim, on the other hand, are no longer displayed.


E37: Kein Schreibvorgang seit der letzten <c4>nderung (erzwinge mit !)


The <c4>

symbol should be displayed instead Γ„

. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening?


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I am having similar problems (you can browse some questions in my account or search for "central European characters" or "Croatian characters").

Changing the value encoding

changes the way Vim displays symbols - the way some of the symbols have changed - why you get symbols. You could probably solve your problem with Polish characters by choosing a different encoding value (for example, one from cpXXXX instead of utf8), but then you lose the ability to display utf8 characters, which can make Vim look pretty pretty. At least this works for my case (Croatian).

So, when writing text texts, use one of the cpXXXX encoding values ​​or stick to utf8 entirely. I recommend the first one. But don't change them.

We continue to work on it here .



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