Tune Curve to Histogram

Hisgram distribution

Is there any way to set the curve to this histogram above in Matlab?

The histogram is not normalizing or something. I know there is a function called histfit, but can I use it here?


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Try sending this file:

ALLFITDIST - Fit all valid parametric probability distributions to the data.



If you know the underlying distribution (i.e. skewed Gaussian, etc.), you can manually perform maximum likelihood estimates for the distribution parameters and then plot the resulting distribution on top of the histogram. However, you need to normalize your histogram so that you can see empirical probabilities instead of numbers.



I think you want it to fit a distribution, not a curve, which may not have a finite area under the curve. The data looks like it is being censored on the right tail, but it may well follow a normal log distribution or gamma distribution throughout. If you have a statistics toolbar, try gamfit

or lognfit

for a starter.



See also Estimation of kernel density




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