Adding an Item to a List Using the Foursquare API

Using the Foursquare API, I am trying to add a new location to the list I made. I am currently using the call to this :

Although the placement ID is correct, the output I get is the following:


meta: {
    code: 400
    errorType: "param_error"
    errorDetail: "Value 4b3bb64ff964a520627925e3 is invalid for item id"
response: { }



What could be causing this error?


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To add a place to an existing list, you need to make a request:



Let me know if this query doesn't work for you



I faced a similar problem with another API call. The fix for my problem was to include the content content of the HTTP header like this:Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded



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