How do I install the MercurialEclipse plugin?

I am new to java and am installing plugins.

I found a link to a plugin that I would like to install (it's called MercurialEclipse), but what a mess it seems to be too complicated. I need a simple guide. Could you help me?


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Installing plugins in Eclipse it's easy to put the plugin jar file in the dropins folder of your eclipse installation, but in your case to install the HG plugin you can use the update manager, put the update site: in your eclipse update manager.

Go to: Help ---> Install New Software ... ---> Add then you can add an update site like this:


After that you have added the update site, you can install it by selecting it and the step by step installation wizard ...



I installed Eclipse as part of my Debian resilient installation (using the .deb client and my favorit APT only). This worked well for me.

So, if you are running Eclipse on some suitable Linux distribution, you can check its Eclipse packages. For example, the stable version of Debian (wheezy) provides a package called "eclipse-mercurialeclipse".



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