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We have our own private NuGet feed. I noticed that when there are many versions of the same package, the Package Manager dialog can take a long time to display the packages in the feed.

If I move everything but the latest or the most recent version to the archive directory it seems to speed up. However, removing this old version makes it difficult to update projects to the latest version.

What is the best practice in this regard? I would rather not delete old versions, but I want to keep the response stream. Is there a way to organize the feed so that it can only list the latest version of the packages, but still has older versions?

Background Information
These packages are part of applications that are under active development. If we find a bug, we usually fix, test and publish an update for the ASAP package so that we can continue development. Since we do not have an official release schedule, several times these packages are updated several times a week or months without updating.


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I'm assuming you are using NuGet.Server? This process is slowed down as it is not optimized for larger channels. It actually checks all the packages in your feed to get related metadata every time. If you have sources (they are at ) you can probably optimize and cache this, which should speed up a lot.

You can go to NuGetGallery ( or use a solution like (private feeds hosted for you) or Inedo ProGet (private feed hosted at your server).



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