SUDZ generates error code from my working WSDL

I am trying to create SOAP WSDL for obj-c using sudzc. It won't compile because it creates a generated LenType class that tries to type "string.h". This is problematic ...

/ * LenType.h Defines the property and method interface for the LenType object. Created by * /

#import "Soap.h"

#import "string.h"
@class string;

@interface LenType : string              <<<<====  Error

+ (LenType*) newWithNode: (CXMLNode*) node;
- (id) initWithNode: (CXMLNode*) node;
- (NSMutableString*) serialize;
- (NSMutableString*) serialize: (NSString*) nodeName;
- (NSMutableString*) serializeAttributes;
- (NSMutableString*) serializeElements;



Error: "Expected identifier" on line @interface.

I see some problems here because it looks like it is trying to use STL string as super for this class and in none of the other examples I have seen how it is generated from WSDL in this way. Any ideas?



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