Deployment to AppHarbor using subversion

I have an Asp.Net MVC project.

I've added a Sign In with Google button.

It looks like this will only work after publishing my site and registering it with Google.

Now I need to deploy my site. I was thinking to use Appharbor.

However, my site code is in Subversion.

From AppHarbor website:

You can push .NET code to Appharbor using Git, Mercurial, Subversion, or Team Foundation Server with a free Git service, or through integrations offered in partnership with Bitbucket, CodePlex, and GitHub. AppHarbor has an API, so you can create additional integrations.

I saw this too Pushing an existing svn repository to git

Some questions arose:

1. My site is not intended for open source use.

If I click on free Git - should it be open?

2. In my current situation

how can i deploy my site to AppHarbor (or like) for free and easliy?

3. Is there a built-in Appharbor tool for NuGet?

4. Isn't there a way to deploy from SVN to Appharbor?


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If you want to get a personal account from one of the mentioned hosting providers, your only choice is Bitbucket .
Their free plan has unlimited private repositories for Git and Mercurial (the only limitation is that no more than five users, including you) can access private repositories.

GitHub offers private repos, but not for free .
CodePlex is completely free, but only allows open source projects at all (no private projects).


With "Appharbor's Integrated NuGet Tool", do you mean that AppHarbor pulls NuGet packages, so you don't need to push them to your repository?
If yes, check Use NuGet Package Restore to avoid pushing packages in AppHarbor . Is this what you want?
Disclaimer: I have absolutely no experience with AppHarbor, so I don't know if this works. I just found a googling link!


As far as I understand, you can push your code directly into AppHarbor, but only with Git .
Another possible way is to configure Appharbor to pull from the GitHub / Bitbucket / CodePlex repository.
This way you just need to push to the repository and AppHarbor will automatically fetch your stuff.

But unfortunately this is not possible in your situation due to your SVN and closed source requirements. The only hosting site for those with SVN support is CodePlex, but on the other hand, it is the only site of the three that does not allow closed source projects at all.

But there is one workaround I can think of:
There are tools to use Git and HG along with SVN.
I've never tried any of these, but I just noticed that git-svn seems to support using Subversion as a client in a Git repository (until now, I always thought that these extensions could only be used by Git or HG as clients in SVN repository).
This way you can use git -svn to push your changes with Subversion to the Git repository in AppHarbor ...



Appharbor now supports SVN and



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