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I am writing unit tests for Akka actors and I want to check the log entries; for example test xyz wrote in the error category. (You know, let's say I send an actor a message via! Instead of ?.)

In the role of an actor, I will write for the error log or information or debug, etc. depending on the result of the message processed by "receive".

For akka 1.2 or 1.3, how should i do this? Example: add a new listener to EventHandler? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance Todd


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John already has the basics, which he already answered (Id testActor

hooks up the message to instead of using TestLatch, but that's a matter of taste). I know this does not suit your requirements, but maybe the following could lure you into Akka 2.0?

EventFilter.error(message = "some message", occurrences = 1) intercept {
  // do something which should trigger such a log message


These funds come from akka-testkit, in particular akka.testkit.TestEventListener

and akka.testkit.EventFilter

. The code shown above will wait up to three seconds (configurable in "akka.test.filter-leeway") for the message to appear and give an informative error message if it doesn't.



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