Consistent way to use "cursor: pointer" in HTML email?

I am developing an HTML email notification for our process automation software. Everything is going great except that I can't get "Cursor: Pointer" to work with buttons. Works great in IE9, Chrome of course just not in my Outlook 2010 client. Any solutions should also be compatible with Outlook 2007 if possible.

I tried Cursor: Hand with no luck just for fun.


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Maybe you can just use a tag <a>

and adjust it accordingly with CSS?



I would guess that Outlook does not allow this CSS rule. Most email clients restrict the HTML / CSS that will be parsed in messages, and exactly what is restricted is up to the client. As an example, I remember that at least older versions of Outlook / OE didn't display forms in an email, but Thunderbird.

Check it here:

Doesn't have Outlook 2010, but it definitely claims 2007 doesn't support CSS cursor




Invalid href tag link. You probably have <a href="#">Test</a>

. Put<a href=""> Test </a>



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