Checking image size with GWT

I have a GWT application that generates SVG files.

I want to insert an image from some URL into my SVG, but I want it to resize while maintaining the correct aspect ratio.

I do this by loading an image using the Image class in GWT and checking the height against width, then doing some sums to find the height and width that I need to be in my SVG.

I am embedding image in SVG like this:

<image href="http://some.image/URL.png" height="100" x="50" width="150" y="50"></image>


The problem I am having is when I do the following:

Image image = new Image(sourceURL);
int width = image.getWidth();
int height = image.getHeight();


The first time I do this for a specific URL, the width or height is returned as 0. Unfortunately, trying again in the loop doesn't seem to fix the problem, but if I ask my application to re-generate the SVG, it works.

Any ideas?


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Ok, sorry, this is not an answer, but the comments are too small to put some code.

I tried the following and it worked great. So you should probably try to isolate your problem in a smaller piece of code:

    public void onModuleLoad() {

    final Image image = new Image("");
    image.addLoadHandler(new LoadHandler() {

        public void onLoad(LoadEvent event) {
            Window.alert(image.getWidth() + " " + image.getHeight());




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