Sort excel column values ​​with maximum occurrences using

I have an excel file that has columns B1 - B500 (may vary) filled with numbers. For example:

![sample data](


I need the output:

![sample output](


I have this code so far:

 Sub Max()
    Dim i As Long, j As Long
    Dim cl As Excel.Range

    i = 1
    j = 1
    For i = sheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count To 1 Step -1
        cl = sheet.Cells(i, 2) '## Examine the cell in Column B
        If xl.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(sheet.Range("B:B"), cl.Value) > 1 Then
            cl.Value = sheet.Cells(j, 3).value 'copy to Column C
        End If
        j = j + 1
    Next i
End Sub


What this code does is find duplicates in column B and remove other records from column. Nothing gets written in column C. I want column B to be unedited at the end. Also can't figure out how to achieve sorting here.

Please, help.


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Well, you can use formulas if you like:

Static Sort Using Excel Formulas - lmiguelmh

It is very important to use array formulas (Ctrl + Shift + Enter when finished editing the cell), my Excel is Spanish version, so you just need to change: - SI by IF - CONTAR.SI by COUNT.IF

I came up with this solution while thinking about the bubble sorting algorithm . Hope this is helpful for you.



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