How to implement JQgrid in

I was working with JQgrid in mvc but now I am trying to implement this in I am having a hard time finding a JQgrid sample in

Should I use the JSON response in, or should I implement this in any other way.

Please suggest.


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I do not fully understand your requirements. ASP.NET MVC is also an ASP.NET application. Do you have a limitation on the .NET version? Can you only use some specific .NET technologies?

In general, you can mix main code your size with code in other ASP.NET technology. For example, a WCF service can be part of an ASP.NET MVC application or an ASP.NET Web Form. The main code can provide the UI for your website, and the WFC service will provide the JSON data for any Ajax requests from jqGrid.

So you can just use any WCF examples, ASMX Web Service or even a simple ASHX handler.

The demo project from shows how to use an ASHX handler in an ASP.NET Web Form Application.

Another demo project from shows how to use a WCF service.

Demo project from the answer or another demo from shows using ASMX web services.



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