Rust load error

I am trying to use load init to start a cargo management system.

but I can't see how the $ HOME / .cargo file is generated.

and the shell shows

macmatoMacBook-Air:rust kula$ cargo init
warning: signature verification failed for sources.json

macmatoMacBook-Air:rust kula$ cargo sync
error: No sources defined. You may wish to run "cargo init" then "cargo sync".


what's on the cargo management system?

my os - mac osx 10.7


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Probably the problem is that you don't have gpg installed, so it can't verify the signature of the central source file and then goes down.

This situation, when the signature verification is not performed, should not be fatal, but there was an error in the load, due to which it did not complete the init command.

I tested the load change, which I believe should allow it to continue even when the signature verification failed, but the FWIW load could use some love to make it more useful and reliable.



It looks like the load is going to GPG and using crappy regex in the output. Which fails if your language is not what it expects. This worked for me:

LC_MESSAGES=C cargo init




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