IAds (even sample apps for the iAd Suite) stopped showing on my iPhone, but they run on the simulator

First of all, there are many questions like this, I know, but I've tried all the answers and they don't seem to work, and I think mine might be a different matter (I THINK)!

I recently upgraded to iOS 5.1 and Xcode 4.3. All my iAds work fine on the Simulator, but not on my iPhone. To prove my point, I ran some of my old apps, and they all work on the simulator, but not on the phone. They all call the method didFailToReceiveAdWithError


Again to double check, I downloaded Apple iAd Suite and tried to run them, same thing works fine on simulator but doesn't work on phone.

Even though the iAds from my previous apps that are in the appstore seem to work fine on my phone, I'm not sure what the problem is.


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I checked it today and it seems to be working fine! I have been doing research for the past few days, many people have the same problem (from all over the world) in the last few days. So I guess it was a problem on Apple's part issuing iAds.



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