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I am trying to use eJabberd to host a chat. The problem I'm having is saying that we have a chat between UserA and UserB. UserA sends a "hello" message to UserB. The problem is that UserA is not receiving a copy of the message he sent.

If eJabberd does not send sent sent messages to the sender, then how should I keep multiple instances of the chat until the day?

For example, let's say that I have two of my chats open with UserA. Instance 1 sends a "Hello" message to UserB, but Instace2UserA has no idea that Instance2UserA sent the message because it cannot have a log of this event.

Perhaps I am missing a setting or something to make this work?


Another example, you go to facebook chat on your phone and on your computer, if you send someone a message from your phone, the chat on your computer knows it and shows it as well


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Actually, if you add a tag to your post, it will send you a response with the id of the post you sent.



I think XEP-0280 Message Carbons is what you are looking for. According to the XMPP website, the extension of the protocol is still in an experimental stage.

There seems to be interest in supporting this in ejabberd. See also:



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