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Has anyone dealt with the Autodesk NavisWorks Manage API? I have some problems using this API and I posted on 4 NAvisWorks forums, no one answered. I also sent an email to the AutoDesk office in Africa, but they didn't respond. Well here are my problems:

  • I want to be able to read from a NavisWorks file (.nwd or .nwf) and get the data I want, such as the dimensions of each model in the file, their positions, vertices, etc.

  • to change data (e.g. rectangle with length 4 and from 5 to rectangle with length 6 and from 2)

  • to be able to write the changes to the file and of course instantly display the changes in the viewer.

I've looked at almost every bit of the API documentation, but I don't seem to see an option to achieve what is required (it may not be possible, I'm not sure). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS I am working with C #


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in the API folder where Navisworks is installed, you can find many examples and API documentation.

And the answers:

  • I believe you cannot change the geometry, but to get it, the best approach is to debug the plugin and explore what you can get from the object ... Also read this article to understand Navisworks file types .

  • If you want to change the value of a property (PropertyCategories), no problem, but again - you cannot change the geometry. You need to modify the original file (DWG, ...) and re-import it into Navisworks.

  • Both of the above.



using Autodesk.Navisworks.Api.Interop.ComApi;


When using this feature, you can access the full geometry of the object and make your corrections here. There are examples of how this is used in the new SDKs. Sadly Navisworks is a read-only application and it seems impossible to make changes to the current file. Although you can modify the objects and re-import them.



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