OnMouseWheel event with MFC

I am having some problems with the ON_WM_MOUSEWHEEL event and MFC. The function that handles the event makes the call, but not when scrolling, only when the touchpad is "held down". Should he behave like this?

I am using Visual Studio 2010 and Windows 7.


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I noticed that some touchpad drivers implement scrolling using the WM_VSCROLL message, however since the java AWT mouseWheelListener works, my recommendation is:

Open Spy ++ and check if WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages are being sent.

If messages are not published, the control may not have focus.

If messages are being sent, there may be a problem with how the control tries to receive the message. In this case, a message map can help us.



Take a look at the WM_TOUCH message .



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