Jar file ../ android-8 / android.jar has no source attachment

I ran into this no source issue when I was debugging a project, but when I run an Android program without debugging, the program will run without any problem. Even after I attached the jar file manually, it still reported that property.class was not found! What should I do about this problem? What is causing this? thank!!!



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In debug mode, your application tries to view all sources. Some of these sources come from parts of the Android Android system (Android SDK) that was built. So they enter your system as embedded files (no source files), and thus, when trying to execute a function from the Android framework, the system cannot find the sources of that function (but you have binaries of this function).

To avoid this issue while debugging, you can download and attach Android system sources, or you can use the Android Sources plugin (http://code.google.com/p/adt-addons/)



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